Digital Maps

5 great sites to explore

Here are 5 useful websites that I use to help teachers and students explore the world through maps.

1. Old vs new: A site that compares a satellite image with a map. You can change the age of the map used which is great for historical studies.
2. Community pictures: Explore different areas of the UK through the use of a map or through scrolling through pictures.
3. Bing Maps: Lots of people use Google Maps to explore. Bing Maps (from Microsoft) provides an interesting 'birds eye' viewpoint (select in top right) as shown in the image on this blog post.
4. NEW Google Maps: A new feature called Voyager allows you to explore the world in new ways. The 'UNESCO World Heritage Sites' tour, for instance, takes users to 30 different places including the Pyramids of Giza and Stonehenge.
5. Mapzone: From Ordnance Survey this site allows you to try out your map skills using a range of games and activities.

Add your own ideas and comments below please

Thanks. Mr Smith
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