Trip Up Teide

Over the Easter hols, I went to Tenerife. And I went up Tenerife's very own ......................


Time for TEIDE TRIVIA!!!!!

Did you know that Teide is the biggest volcano in the canary islands, second biggest in Europe and third biggest in the world?!?!?!?!

Mount Teide is dormant (sleeping).

The height of Mount Teide is 3718m above sea level.

Teide's last eruption was on the 18 November, 1909

The first group of hikers to reach the top of mount Teide reached the peak in 1582.

My Daytrip!
We set off in the morning when the sun was low. We climbed aboard the minni bus and off we went. We started our main part of the trip by letting our driver shepherded us up the steep slope. A little while later my sister vomited, so we took a quick break. A few minutes later we were back on the trail, and driving up the mountain side. After about 20 minutes, we stopped for a loo break at a café and souvenir shop. I got a lava stone pendant and my brother got a tee-shirt (why?).
Around half an hour later, we reached where the cable cars set off from. We couldn't go up because I'm very badly travel sick, along with my sister and Mum. We took some pictures then set off down another route. We passed white mounds called white mountains, when was allowed to get out to roam a volcanic area.
When we reached the souvenir shop again, we climbed a peak made of volcanic rock. By the time we reached mainland again it was nearly lunch.
We had so much fun!!
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