Timanfaya National Park

Find out more about the volcano I visited in the hols.

My family and I went to Timanfaya National Park, which is a Volcano that is open to visit. It is in Lanzarote and in Spanish it is called Parque Nacional de Timanfaya. We also went to see the Green Lagoon , named because of the Olivine , a green jem that sits at the bottom making the water look green. The sides of the Green Lagoon were made from layers of volcanic rock and ashes. Also we went on a camal ride around a cone of the volcano.
When we arrived at the entrance to the national park there was a humongous queue. When we finally got to the car park after a 1 hour 30 minutes wait we were all raving, but it was worth the wait as there were many intriguing attractions.
The first thing we went to see was a grill that was placed on top of a small opening in the volcano. The grill used the heat coming up to cook meats like chicken, steak and fish.
Soon after we went to look at some geysers, openings to a volcano that when water is poured in the water immediately evaporated coming up in a large cloud of smoke due to the extreme heat. Warm water also showered everywhere.
Another of the attractions was a large vent in the ground that a ranger kept putting shrubs in and then the shrubs would go up in flames. It was the attraction that got the most attention.
There was also a bus ride that took us to see many different openings and some destruction caused by the volcano, while telling us information about it.
Here are some facts about the Timanfaya volcano:
*Timanfayas' longest volcanic eruptions lasted 6 years.
*They started in 1730.
*And ended in 1736.
*These eruptions caused people to flee to Teaguise (which now holds a giant market every Sunday) or Arrecife .
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