Celebrating Rutland's Independance

On the 1st April 2017, Rutland celebrated 20 years independence from Leicestershire

In 1974, Oakham’s Urban District was abolished, causing the county to become a part of the Rutland District of Leicestershire under the Local Government Act of 1972. It was considered a District of Leicestershire until 1997. The people Rutland did not feel they belonged as a part of Leicestershire. Local communities began to appeal for independence, wanting Rutland to be recognised once more as a separate county from the Leicestershire area. After years of campaigning and struggle from local residents, communities and councillors, Rutland became independent once more. Kenneth Bool described the triumph that was won by the community’s ambition, stating that “Anyone who can remember the campaign to regain independence will know just how difficult it was and how hard local people fought for the change.”

Celebrations of this milestone in Rutland’s history began on the 1st April 2017 in Oakham Castle. Thereafter, a day-long celebration took place, beginning with a children’s fun run at Rutland Showground, funding local charities such as ‘For Rutland’; of which has been providing support to people within the community suffering with long term conditions. There was music, entertainment and displays in and around the Castle and Victoria Hall including a concert from the Rutland Choral Society. Additionally, throughout the day there were refreshments in the form of a 20th Anniversary beer from the Grainstore Brewery. The special occasion was drawn to a close with a free family fireworks night. The fireworks were stunning and symbolised the hard work which contributed to Rutland’s recognition as an independent county.
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