Ex-addict Speaks Out to students

Ex-addict leaves students overwhelmed with his honesty.

Ex-addict, Paul Hannaford, visits Ormiston Venture Academy students in Gorleston to warn them of the real dangers of drug addiction - he doesn't hold back!

Following his touching talk, Paul Hannaford left students moved after sharing his drug use story in order to influence our futures.

By sharing graphic images of his maggot-infested limb, Paul informed each and every student about the slippery slope of drugs that tore apart his life. After being 'clean' for over ten years, Hannaford went from armed robberies and gang culture to influencing the lives of students all over the country.

After racking up 5,000 convictions, being imprisoned 15 times and injecting heroin 50 times a day, he decided to hand himself into the police. Paul transformed his life and decided that "something needed to be done" to educate people on drugs, even at an early age, as "not enough schools cared." Paul resulted to drug use at just fifteen, but since becoming clean he has spoken to over 350 thousand students in 300 schools and various juvenile detention centres in order to stop young people making the same mistakes.

Paul encourages students to "Think about what matters, one day you will have to pick between your family and drugs." This life changing speaker is proud of what he's achieved and thinks that the "feedback he gets on social media makes speaking out worth it."

Paul Hannaford has left a lasting effect on our students and urges more people to get in touch and ask him questions on his social media.
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