New Union Executive Board

Venture has elected its new Union Executive Board for 2017/18.

After a long process we are really please to announce Tyler Munro as the Head Girl for 2017/18, Cameron Hodds as Head Boy, Leon Goodwin as Deputy Head Boy and Romy Simpson as Deputy Head Girl. They will lead a team of 20 other supportive and talented union members each running a different section of the Union of Venture students:
Cameron - Head Boy
Tyler - Head Girl
Leon - Deputy Head Boy
Romy Simpson - Deputy Head Girl
Grace & Kieran - Head Prefect
Taylor & Millie - Head of Media
Jack, Carolina & Nathan - Head of Student Support
Cerin, Jessica & Holly - Head of Guilds and Society
Jessica S, Jessica B & Alexandria - Head of Learning and Curriculum
Kimberley, Olly & Zoey - Head of Sports and Creativity
Erica, Maidie & Kayla - Head of Community and Culture
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