Rocky Rock star

about a boy called ROCKY who becomes the best rock star in the WORLD!!!

Rocky just got a text from his favourite band (DUDE 3) asking if he would like to join he jumped about excitedly then had a mazeballs idea.He did a backflip down the stairs quickly he put on his leather jacket.He ran inside the garage he started emptying paint pots,wood planks and tools.He found some black paint and painted the garage all black.Then he made a little stage out of wood then painted it all black. He texted back to the DUDE3 mates come to ma house tommorow 9:30 pm.So they said there names were Louis,Zayne ,Harry ,Nial ,Liam and Luca.Then he started singing and it was overheard by evil Heckle!Heckle sprang to his feet and said"he is the best singer he is even better then me waawaawaawaawaawaa"Heckle didn't know that the DUDE3 mates heard him.Then they ran back as fast as there legs could carry them to tell Rocky everything they had heard. Then Rocky grabbed his rock guitar,microphone and started practicing . Now Rocky went to see his Dad ( the expert at competing with other people)Rocky told him about Heckle so his Dad told him lots of advice, so he ran back to the garage.He filled his bag with dungbombs and ran to Heckle's ship! He threw them at Heckle . Heckle fell to the ground. Rocky ran back to the garage picked up his rock guitar and his microphone and played . He recorded his new song! The next day he looked on his phone and saw that he had over 780,00000000000000 likes! He became the worlds greatest singer! THE END
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