Comic relief history

Here is some info about red noses.

Who came up with the big idea [red nose day]?
Lenny Henry, Bob Zmuda, Jane Tewson, Richard Curtis and Peter Bennet Jones.
When it was founded?
It was founded in 1985.
How much money was raised from comic relief?
One billion was raised after a thirty year existence, so far.
What is red nose day/comic relief?
It is a UK wide thing which happens every year and people buy red noses for [usually] a pound.
Why is it called red nose day?
It is called red nose day because it firstly gets people in the UK's attention and secondly gives money to poor children in Africa to help them and it really does make a big difference to the poor children but sometimes the videos are a little bit sad.
I hope you all learnt lots more about red nose day/comic relief because it is very important because it helps poor children in Africa which is quite a poor continent. If you got any red noses that is very kind yay.
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