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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much time will I spend on the computer?

A: You will need to read the badge missions on your computer and download any additional information to read or use (such as stories, resource sheets and songs). The children will need to use a computer to upload evidence of their completed badge mission on to the Makewaves site. However, it is also possible for teachers to award the badges if they are satisfied that the children have completed the task. The activities themselves are designed to be cross-curricular and active learning opportunities that develop a range of skills and ideas. We want children to immerse themselves in Shakespeare’s world and learn in a fun and engaging way!

Q: What do the terms Groundlings, Gentry and Nobles mean?

A: We chose the categories to reflect the audience at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. The Groundlings liked to get really close to the action and they would have stood near to the actors on the floor by the stage from where they could join in with the performances and tell the actors what they thought. They paid a penny to see the show. The Gentry paid more money to have a seat in a covered gallery. There were three tiers of galleries. If you were fairly wealthy you could pay an extra penny to hire a cushion to make it more comfortable (despite the fleas)! If you were very wealthy, like a Nobleman, you could sit in the Lord’s Gallery. Here, seats were placed at either side of the balcony at the back of the stage, which meant you were facing the audience and looking down on the play from behind. This was more for people who wanted to be seen rather than see!

We have two badges available for each of our categories – Groundlings (suitable for Key Stage 1), Gentry (suitable for Lower Key Stage 2) and Nobles (suitable for Upper Key Stage 2), as well as other themed activity badges. Look out for the special Shakespeare Week badge that will be available - all children that participate in Shakespeare Week will be entitled to be awarded this badge!

There is nothing to stop children completing all the badges in the different categories if they wish – they have been designed with particular age groups in mind but adults can further differentiate the tasks to make them suitable for the children they are working with if they choose to.

Q: Do we have to do the Missions in order and do we have to do all of them?

A: You can do as many or as few Missions as you choose and you can take as long as you wish to complete them. There is no set order to complete the badges.

Q: Can I take part without being part of a school?

A: Yes! You can take part as an individual by signing up to our Academy. You might be at home, in a library, at an after school club or being home-educated. Once you’ve finished the tasks and uploaded your evidence your work will be checked and you’ll be awarded badges by the Mission Shakespeare team.

Q: Do the children have to upload individual work?

A: Children will often be responding individually to the tasks set, but equally may work in groups to achieve an outcome. Children should have individual accounts on the site, so the work they submit will be personal to their accounts. However, we know that sometimes the children will be working in groups or as a class and teachers will want to award all the children the badges in one easy step. Teachers can use the Mass Award Function for this purpose. To mass award a badge you need to follow these easy steps:
1. Log in to Makewaves
2. Go to a Badge e.g. https://www.makewav.es/badge/4724
3. Click the green "Group Award" button at the top of the page
4. On the next window that appears, click on the first "'Award' to Members" button
5. In the next window, click on the "User Type" tab
6. Tick the "Makers" box and then click "Award"
7. There should then be a message to confirm the badges will be awarded. This will take a few minutes depending on how many people were selected.

Q: What evidence can we upload?

A: If there is a specific piece of evidence that you need to supply it will be detailed in the activity plan for the task. Otherwise, it is a personal choice and may be based on each child’s individual strength. For example it could be a drawing, photograph, video, piece of writing etc.

Q: How will I get my digital badge?

A: Teachers are in charge of awarding digital badges. After children have uploaded evidence of their activity onto Makewaves, teachers will receive the work on their site to check, and can award a badge once they’re happy with it. Teachers may also choose to award the badges without asking the children to upload any evidence if they are happy with the work they have been doing. For children taking part individually through the Academy, their work will be marked after it has been uploaded and badges will be awarded by the Mission Shakespeare team.

Q: Will there be additional badges added to the site?

A: Yes! We are planning to add new badges for Shakespeare Week each year. We want your Mission Shakespeare to be an exciting lifelong journey with new ways to learn about William Shakespeare’s work, life and times on a regular basis!

Q: Where can I find more resources about William Shakespeare?

A: You can access a range of exciting, free, cross-curricular resources suitable for primary schools by registering on our website: shakespeareweek.org.uk

Q: If you have any further questions not answered here then…

A: Please contact us at shakespeareweek.org.uk or hello@makewav.es.
We hope you have fun taking part in Mission Shakespeare!
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