Dork diaries!!!

Dork diarys is an amazing series of books, so we are going to tell you about them.

The books of dork diaries , dork diaries,party time, pop star, dear dork, holiday heartbreak, TV star, skating sensation,how to dork your diaries,frenemies forever, drama queen,all about me dork diaries,puppy love, once upon a dork, double dork diaries, double dork diaries 2 and double dork diaries 3.

In dork diaries there is a girl called Nikki , she has two bffs (best friends forever)called Chloe and Zoe . Nikki also has a crush called Brandon and a worst enemie called Mackenzie. Nikki also has a little sister called Brianna.

My name is Megan and my favourite dork diaries is tv star.
My name is Amelia and my favourite dork diaries is drama queen.

We both give dork diaries a rating of 10 out of 10!

We hope you give dork diaries a try!
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