This is a (kinda scary) story about minecraft player Steve meeting Herobrine. Enjoy Reading!

by ThundorFox original

One day Steve was mining and was feeling pretty bored; so far all he had mined was a few bits of coal and a couple of iron ore. he was just cursing himself for walking the wrong way, right out of the cave again, when he saw a village. "Jackpot!" he murmured. Scrambling up out of the cave, he grinned for he could see a blacksmith - and everyone knows that where there is a blacksmith, there is loot. He was about to rummage around in the chest to see what it's contents was, when he had a feeling he was forgetting something. He racked his brain, but he couldn't find the answer. Then it came to him. The village was deserted. the crops looked like they hadn't been tended to in decades, and everywhere was still and silent - too silent. But Steve wasn't going to let that put him off; he shook his head and started rummaging around in the chest. Nothing. Disgusted with the fact that he had come all this way and yet found nothing, he kicked the wall and stomped off to find a place to stay for the night - the first rays of moonlight were beginning to creep through the trees. Steve had found a nice place and was about to put his bed down when he saw a sign. It read "haunted. enter at own risk" Steve laughed at that, but even so a chill ran down his spine. Determinedly pushing the fear to the back of his mind, he placed down his bed and settled down to sleep. But outside, the zombies moaned and the spiders hissed till he couldn't stand it. Brandishing his sword, he pushed the door open and started thrusting it at the nearby monsters. ping. an arrow sliced through the air and made for Steve."OW!" he cried, as it pierced through his shoulder. He felt the hot blood trickling down his arm. "who was that?" He turned around, but no one was to be seen - not even a skeleton seemed to be suspicious. Steve shrugged and started to kill some more zombies, when he noticed his iron sword was almost broken! He stood there a while, gaping. that sword had only been made the day before, and it had only been used a few times! "well" he said, still not believing his eyes. "well, I guess I had better craft a new one". He was walking back to the house he had stopped for the night in when he noticed something. All the leaves on the trees. Gone. Steve shivered - and this time it wasn't just the cold...

On the way back Steve had to cross a bridge. he was looking forward to it, for there was at least a little light from the torches there. But instead of normal torches, what Steve found were redstone torches. His walk became a synonym for fast walk, only a bit slower. His synonym for fast walk, only a bit slower became a fast walk. Soon, Steve was running as if being chased by a panther. Soon he was home, panting and exhausted. BANG. A white light exploded around him. Then it was gone, as quickly as it had come. all that was left were a few burnt tree stumps. Then he saw it. At first he thought he was seeing things - but soon it was pretty clear he was not. It was walking towards him, not even walking, rising into the air and slowly edging closer. He was exactly like Steve but with one difference. His eyes. They shone brighter than the moon sending ghostly rays, brighter than the lightning that was now flashing around him. Steve stood there, frozen. Then it was gone. The lightning, him, everything. But it wasn't. there was a door into a mountain. Steve hadn't yet come to his senses - and walked right in. It was a bare room, just a shallow cave dug into a mountain, and the only thing in it was a painting. A big painting with something that had a T shaped body and three heads. A Wither. Steve backed away. He heard a piston. He fell. A scream. Then darkness.

Steve woke up. There was light shining in through his window. He got out of bed and yawned, then pulled the window open to let some air in. He had a busy day ahead of him, and he hadn't slept well - he had had a bad dream that night. He suddenly felt a pang of pain in his shoulder. "ow" Steve thought. "must have slept on it funny." Outside, Steve gathered up his things. An iron sword, newly crafted and only used a few times, and a few pickaxes, some food and some torches, and he was ready to go on the mining trip he had been needing to go on. He turned around and saw a redstone torch on the ground. "funny," he thought. "i don't remember that being there... Oh well.". A few minutes later, Steve found a cave. It wasn't a particularly good one though; he cursed himself as he walked the wrong way again, right out of the cave. Then he saw a village. "Jackpot!" he murmured...
Hope you enjoyed! If you think I should write a sequel to this story, or you have an idea for a different story, be sure to put them down in the comments below!
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