The Super Top Secret Truth about Captain Underpants

All about the Captain Underpants books by Dav Pilkey.

If you see Mr Krupp, do not click your fingers or you will be sorry!
If you see Captain Underpants, do not pour water on his head or you will be even sorrier!

Once there were two awesome kids named George and Harold. One day they hypnotised their principal (head teacher) Mr Krupp, who was epically mean, and they made him believe he was Captain Underpants! They thought it was funny but then Mr Krupp went to fight crime.

Once there was a mini professor who had two robots who kidnapped Captain Underpants, so then George and Harold saved him. Another time, Captain Underpants almost got eaten by some talking toilets and George and Harold had to save him again. In another book, a bunch of zombie nerds attacked Captain Underpants but Captain Underpants drank some super power juice and got super powers then he saved George and Harold. And so on...

George and Harold were getting a bit fed up because they were having to save Captain Underpants so many times. But, on the other hand, Captain Underpants was thinking he was a hero even though he kind of wasn't. You wouldn't think that a guy in his underpants with some curtains on his back for a cape would be a hero, would you? But you also would think that a superhero would be a hero.

George and Harold have two pets, a bionic hamster called Sulu and a pterodactyl named Crackers. They also had, at their school, a brainiac named Melvin. Melvin made a time machine out of a purple potty, but there was one rule about the purple potty. It was - don't use the time machine two days in a row. Unsurprisingly, George and Harold used it two days in a row and got into another world where everything was backwards. Their principal was bald and very nice. The secretary was also nice. Their library bookshelves were full of books. This creeped out George and Harold. Fortunately their grandparents saved then from a backwards Captain Underpants, called Captain Blunderpants. Both Captains got rained on and Captain Underpants got turned into Mr Krupp and went home. George and Harold's evil twins were left. They had a Shrinky-Pig 2000 but they got it the wrong way around and they zapped themselves and got shrunk to the size of a potato. So George and Harold won the battle.

The Captain Underpants books are so good because they are so funny, with mini George and Harold comics inside and the legendary Flip-O-Rama! READ YOUR UNDERPANTS!!!
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