Walshaw girls under 11s football team!!

Find out more about our football team!

We play for Walshaw girls under 11s football. Every Wednesday we do training at Bury Grammar School on the 3G pitches or a Town Meadows from 7:00pm to 8:00pm with assistance from two players from the under 14s.On a Friday from 6:00pm to 7:00pm Molly does extra training for her position of a goalkeeper, at Walshaw sports club. At 9:30am, on a Sunday we play matches these are in a variety of different places, the nearest is by far our home ground- Town Meadows Park- these last for about 30 minutes per half.
For away games we have to go to places far away like Blackburn and Preston. Our derby is both Woodbank red and Woodbank black.
Our kit is black and white and we have a matching hoodie and coat (we look like penguins when we wear them). On our kit is a Mcdonalds logo, as they are our sponsor.
If your are a girl interested in football and are looking for a team to play for we can totally recommend Walshaw girls.
Since joining Walshaw girls we have definitely seen football in a different way.
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