The ware-pig

A quick horror story but very funny!

One night, on an old unused farmyard , at the crack of dawn , it changed. What used to be an un-used farm was now a farm with mutant animals ! Cows , horses, even donkeys and chickens but today i'm going to tell you the story of the ware-pig.

Dear diary ,
Today I saw something strange on the farm. I didn't stop looking at it until 12:00 , which was when it changed from pig to man! But as i looked at the pig silo today all the pigs were there . Nothing else much to say about today though so i'm gonna stop now and write if i see something again. Bye for now.

Dear diary yet again,
Today I saw it again but now it's more serious . IT TOOK MY FAT SHEEP! It may not seem so bad to you but that sheep is worth so much money because all the food you can get out of it. The only problems are
A. The police won't believe it was a killer ware-pig
B. The police won't believe it was a killer ware-pig
and C. I didn't see it was the pig but it has to be.

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