7 Days until doom!

A few of my mates like horror so I thought I would post one

One night, in 1983 it came...

Dear reader before you continue to read on i must warn you. All that is written hear is sadly very true . Don't say i didn't warn you ! (message for Mr williams . All of the pictures are on photos for class!) Today I woke up at 12:00 p.m and went down stairs for a drink an saw something . I looked at it and it looked back. It's Jagged black teath were as sharp as daggers ! It came close to me and as it did the atmosphere changed from warm to cold, but then it went.

It happened again but this time he herd a shriek . It was his mother , so he went upstairs to check if she was ok but she changed too! Her body was lifeless and all her skin was stone! All he ever loved was gone , or was it ? There was a note . It read ''we know you saw us. If you want to see her again then at the break of dawn come to the old oak for your task.'' What did this mean?

Pebbles of anticipation boiled in his hart . What if he was destined for him never to see his mother again. But then it came! But with a list and a bag. '' So your the one who saw me arn't you! it said. ''Why did you kill my mother you monster!'' he replied. ''Oh she is far from death. I helped her for she was going to die if I didn't help her. You would of killed her! Look in the mirror . Once you saw me you changed and the shriek, was but your imagination but when she saw you it changed her ,instantly!

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