Danny Webb becomes Leyton Orient's new manager, as Andy Edwards takes new job in the FA

Hi we are at the local football club Leyton Orient, and today we are going to talk about some hot topic recent news, the new Orient manager Danny Webb.

The new Leyton Orient manager has been at the club today since the 29th of January. He joined after replacing the manager Andy Edwards. These were what the former manager (andy)said before he left , "It is with regret that I have made the decision to stand down as manager of Leyton Orient," said Edwards, "It has been a very difficult decision, but I feel that it is in the best interests of my career and my family."

Danny Webb is Leyton Orient's fourth manager in four seasons. He was born on the 2nd July 1983 in (poole) a town in England and is the son of the legendary Chelsea player and manager, David Webb. What do you think about Leyton Orient's new manager?

Saturday 25th February-2.35pm
We have arrived at the match day Leyton Orient vs Cheltenham. Orient's manager: Danny Webb has doubts over his defensive trio: Tom Parkes, Yvan Erichot and Aron pollock. Parkes suffered a severe bruise to his pelvis but will be playing in today's match against cheltenham . Erichot remain ruled out in with a groin injury . Pallock on the other side will be on substitute in the game but we still don't know for sure if he will be playing .

Saturday 25th February-5.45pm
So the game is now over and Leyton Orient have lost 1-0. However, both teams started out pretty well having a number of chances to score. Then on the 21st minute Cheltenham finally scored when Billy Waters laid the ball on for Winchester to shoot the ball into the bottom right hand corner from outside of the box. Even though Orient had a few chances; Scott Brown saved the shots well.

In the second half Orient got the perfect opportunity to score when they won a penalty from a foul that was deemed to be in the box. Unfortunately the goalkeeper again saved the day by diving to his left and putting it out for a corner. They had more chances too but the goal would not come. Now the team and Danny face a relegation battle. Watch our video report on Danny and today's game.
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