Getting Started


What is Mission Shakespeare?

Mission Shakespeare is a series of cross-curricular activities leading to the award of digital badges. Some of the badges are intended for specific age groups (though they can easily be adapted to suit different ages and stages): Key Stage 1 (Groundlings), Lower Key Stage 2 (Gentry) and Upper Key Stage 2 (Nobles); other badges are suitable for all ages.
The badges are designed as stand-alone projects, although some children may like to challenge themselves to gain all the badges available.

To gain a badge the children simply need to complete one task. Teachers can award the badges once they are satisfied that the task has been completed. For ease of use, teachers can use the Mass Award Function to assign badges to a whole group or class at once. The children can upload evidence (such as a written report, photograph or video) to their badge profile on Makewaves if the teacher requires them to.

Sign Up

The first step is to sign up to Makewaves and create a site for your team (or class). It’s free and easy to do. Once you are registered you will be able to get going on the tasks to earn digital badges.

Makewaves is a safe, secure and award winning social media site for schools. It is free to use and contains no adverts. It is where we will post all videos, store all the resources you’ll need, where all the children’s work can be uploaded and where they will collect their digital badges.

If you haven’t already signed up then please go to the website and do so: Just fill out the form there – it’s easy! Your ‘site name’ will be whatever you’d like your Makewaves space to be called. Your site will then be activated as soon as possible during the working week (we run some checks to make sure that the platform stays 100% safe – to speed this up it helps if you register with an institution based email if possible). The Makewaves team will then be in touch about what to do next. You can contact us at: and arrange to talk to a team member if you wish. You can also watch a training video (we’ll send you the link to this).

I don't belong to a school - can I still join the mission?

The Mission Shakespeare Academy is a managed space on Makewaves for individuals to join and take part in the Shakespeare Week digital badges. The Academy will be managed by Makewaves and The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust.

To register as an individual for The Shakespeare Week Academy please go to this website and fill out the signup form – please note you will need a valid email address to join the Shakespeare Week Academy.

To earn the digital badges via the Mission Shakespeare Academy you will need to complete the task for a badge mission and submit evidence by uploading it directly to your badge profile on Makewaves. The process for earning badges is the same whether you are part of a team site, or if you join the Mission Shakespeare Academy as an individual.
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