Fun with Officers!

Always remember, Actions have Consequences...

On Tuesday, Officer Paul McGovern from HMP Manchester came to visit the juniors at Greenmount. He was accompanied by three of Bury's local officers, Adele, Dave and Martin. Paul delivered some hard hitting messages that young people can often face in the community and school. Drugs, crime, pressure and prison life were discussed, just to name a few. #actionshaveconsequences
The children were all engrossed especially when Officer McGovern told some hard real life stories that left the children (and staff) in shock at times.
The workshop was very interactive and engaged all the pupils and staff in many different, fun activities!
The children were most excited about meeting the trained dogs that the officer brought with him. Charlotte, a drug trained dog, came in to meet the children and they even had the opportunity to stroke her! We also met another dog, used for de-escalating situations with potentially violent prisoners, this was quite frightening - watch the video clip to see him in action!
All the classes and staff involved in the workshop thoroughly enjoyed themselves and would like to thank the officers for such a fab morning!
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