Making Tudor Food

Above you can find recipes for making pottage and Tudor bread. Choose which recipes you would like to make and create a feast for your senses. You might even like to invite a friend or two over for a Come Dine With Me Tudor special!

Make pottage with the Shakespeare’s Worlds badge!

Pottage was a meal that everybody ate in Tudor England. It was cooked in a pot hanging over the fire. It was like a thick soup, containing vegetables and sometimes meat. William Shakespeare didn’t always know what he would find in the pottage so he took pot-luck! In Tudor times it was considered that the thicker the soup, the better the quality of the pottage. It’s now time for you to dine like a Tudor!

Pottage would have been served with bread. Look at the Tudor bread recipe and turn your feast into a banquet.

Make tudor bread with the Will Power! badge!

Rich Tudors ate fine white bread, poor Tudors ate coarse, brown bread, but this is a recipe we think you’ll find irresistible!

The Tudors made their own yeast but we recommend that you buy yours. They also baked it in a bread oven or on an open fire but a 21st century oven will work just as well! Before long you’ll be enjoying your tasty treat!
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