Why competition?

An interview with England Judo competitor, Mary Tomblin

Mary Tomblin is a young aspiring judo competitor; she has taken part in many competitions over Europe. She is a go gold athlete who continues to practise her skills at her local judo club. Her performance is a great inspiration to younger athletes who want aim high in there sporting career.

So why competition?

In the interview with Mary she tells us the benefits of competition...

We asked her what she gets out of competing. Mary says that it’s a great way to meet new people and built some strong friendships. ‘My confidence has also risen in competition and out of competition.’ We asked Mary what her dreams would be for the sport. She says after the first competition she wanted to keep going and improve and not give up no matter what.

If you work hard and get recognised, you will be to achieve a chance to fulfil your dreams by competing in the top standard competitions and make a career out of your hard work.

Team work in the competition is extremely important because no matter what the sport is you can’t get anywhere without your team.

Mary’s tips for competition:

Fully commit to training, train regularly.
Go into competition positively with a good attitude.
Practice techniques and skills that you haven’t perfected.
Healthy balanced diet and drink plenty of water.
Be open-minded and don’t quit cause you’re not there yet.

Mary was a member of TIP at the 2016 School Games in Loughborough. She has a bright future ahead of her. Keep up the good work.

You can follow Mary's blog on the Active Rutland Go Gold webpage -
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