Toilet Twinning

Flushing away poverty!

We’ve been learning about toilet twinning at school. I decided to learn more about toilet twinning and how the money we raise will be used. I think that it is very sad that people can’t afford a toilet.

Toilet twining helps communities in countries such as Ethiopia, Pakistan, Nepal and Guatemala. Having toilets helps these communities to stay safe and healthy.

Over 64,000 toilets have been built thanks to toilet twinning, with most support coming from the UK. I had a look at the map of supporters and discovered that zero toilets have been twinned in Bury, so Greenmount Primary could be the first to twin in Bury.

I was pleased see that Bear Grills was a supporter - here is what he said. "Good sanitation, drinking water and keeping your hands clean are fundamental to communities. Yet consider this: 40% of the world’s population can’t take part in life’s adventures because they don’t have access to a toilet. Twinning your toilet is a fun and unique way of helping tackle this injustice. I'm in!"

I hope that we all raise lots of money and save people’s lives.
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