Year 5 Water Workshop

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On Thursday 20th October, Year 5 participated in a Water Workshop run by Jo from Sutton and East Surrey Water. We learnt about the water cycle and the different pollutants that enter our water system. We even got to recreate our own version of polluted water. We then watched as Jo talked us through the cleaning processes undertaken by Sutton and East Surrey Water until our dirty became clean once more.

Later, we learnt about some of the ways we can all save water in our homes. Did you know that if a family of 4 left the tap running every time they all cleaned their teeth, they would use (on average) 320 litres of water?! If the same family turned off the tap when brushing however they would use only 32 litres!

At the end of the session each of the girls were given a shower timer to see if they could succeed at the 4 minute shower in a further attempt to save water.

We all thoroughly enjoyed the informative afternoon workshop.

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