Bronze Badge

To earn your bronze badge all you need to do is leave a comment comparing and contrasting two astronomy photographs along with your three favourite scientific facts about them

We will be releasing new photographs throughout the project so there will be plenty of chances to get your hands on a bronze badge.

Stuck on where to start? Here are some tips for things you might want to include in your answers:
  • If you were going to try and photograph one of these, which one would you pick and why?
  • Which is your favourite and why?
  • If you were going to take a photograph like these, what would you do differently?
  • What else would you try to capture?
Our Royal Observatory Greenwich Astronomers will be taking a look through the entries and awarding new bronze astronomy badges every two weeks. Remember, answers should be all your own words so anything copied from other websites will not be counted.

Check out the latest Bronze Badge topic - Space Rocks.

What next?
If you have enjoyed earning your bronze astronomy badge then why not check out some of the other ways you can get involved with Creative Cosmos below:
  • Go for your silver badge - click here to find out how.
  • Look Up Podcasts – join Rad and Dhara as they talk you through the night sky each month. They will also chat about the biggest things in space news and what to keep an eye out for. Click here to view all the videos.
  • Videos – we have been busy astronomers here at the Royal Observatory Greenwich creating lots of different videos to explain some of the biggest space mysteries. Check them out here.
  • Chat with an astronomer – if you and your classmates have lots of space related questions then get in touch and arrange a video chat with one of our astronomers. Click here to find out how.
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