Gold Badge

For the Creative Cosmos gold badge you will need to put your astronomy photography knowledge to the test

Share your science!
All you need to do to win your gold badge is upload some photographs you took on an observing trip. If you were thinking about going for the silver badge why not take some images while you are out observing and go for gold too at the same time!

To get your badge you need to include photographs you took on your trip. These can be of the people you were with and where you went but you must include some of the objects you saw in the night sky.

The best posts will earn a new gold badge and the chance to get some of their images shown in a planetarium show at the Royal Observatory Greenwich. Remember, photographs should be all your own work! Anything copied from other websites will not be counted.

Let’s get started!

1. Look Up!
If you have completed the tasks for the silver astronomy badge then you will have already been out stargazing, maybe even taken some astronomy photographs already. If you have that is brilliant, why not submit those? You could even plan other observing trips to look for different things in the night sky now you are practically an expert.

2. A Deep Space Adventure
You can take astronomy photographs without even leaving your classroom or home. All you need to do is use a robotic telescope to help you out! There are lots of robotic telescopes all over the world looking at all sorts of amazing things, some can even be booked by school students just like you for FREE to take your own photographs – pretty awesome!

This Robotic telescope guide will help you take some of the most beautiful images of deep space, galaxies and even nebulae and get that gold astronomy badge. Click here for the details.

Help I need some inspiration!

Never fear, we have created lots of different guides, resources, videos, podcasts and blogs to help you out so take a look below:
  • Look Up Podcasts – these are great if you are trying to get your bearings and find where things will be in the sky and when. Check them out here.
  • Spacebook blog – this is linked to the Look Up podcasts with Rad and Dhara but goes into a little more detail. Click here to take a look.
  • Videos – we have been busy astronomers here at the Royal Observatory Greenwich creating lots of different videos to explain some of the biggest space mysteries. Check them out here.
  • Chat with an astronomer – if you and your classmates have lots of space related questions then get in touch and arrange a video chat with one of our astronomers. Click here to find out how.

What next?
Creative Cosmos is just the beginning. If you have enjoyed taking part and have caught the astronomy bug then why not enter the Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year Competition. The competition opens in February 2017 until April 2017 and there are a whole host of AMAZING prizes to be won. Check out how to enter here.

Take the Gold badge today!
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