Review of my leadership at Hidden 2016

Hidden at Peterborough Cathedral

What I feel went well at Hidden was getting other Young Carers in at group sessions and getting them to see other young carers lives and how we are all different even though we all care for someone.

It was challenging trying to get the younger ones to take part and knowing how to change what you are saying so its how they would understand for their age. When they got into it and had support with reading they enjoyed their time.

I would like to do more leadership and helping to run some of our targeted sessions at group.

I used my skills that I learnt from our leadership weekend. Having this weekend and learning these skills really helped and this would not be something I would have felt I could do. this has given me the opportunity to do this.

What I would give as tips as its good to have a plan but you also need to be flexiable.
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