Hidden Peterborough 2016

How i helped to bringHidden to Peterborough Cathedral

I helped in the planning and running of Hidden coming to Peterborough Cathedral in May 2016. I helped with Sami at the launch event to meet and great everyone that attended and this included the official opening by the Mayor and Mayoress of Peterborough. I spoke to lots of people about my life as a young carer and how I have been involved as a champion to make the lives of other young carers nationally more improved.

Throughout Hidden being in Peterborough I led 2 sessions with Young Carers from Peterborough in age ranges of 5 - 11 years and 12 - 18 years of age. I showed them round the exhibition and helped them to understand each persons story and gave them the chance to say what they thought they liked and how it made them feel. We got each of them to pick their favourite and have a photo next to it.

I really enjoyed being part of this and leading the groups.

We also had a group of young carers from Norfolk come and attended on the Saturday and I also lead on this. Gaining feedback to help with future events too.

I really enjoyed talking to members of the public and hearing their views. We also spoke to lots of people that hadn't realised that they had also been carers and it was great having these chats.
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