Henley 2016


We got to watch the comedian Nina Conti, she did a performance with her funny face masks. She put them on people from the audience and she talks for them, the people get involved with it and include hand gestures and body language to help with the sketch. This was really funny, I enjoyed her performance the most. She had a puppet monkey too, he was very funny. I don't think this could have been made any better, it was just really good.

We went to Henley festival this year to present the hidden exhibition for the first of three years we will be at Henley the photos will be different every year and we have also given feedback on what can be improved for next year. this year we were able to attended the black tie event and we were also able to go to the floating stage and listen and watch Bryn Terfel and the welsh national opera orchestra and Corinne Winters. I was also interviewed by a local news station I also was able to speak to members of the public and inform them about hidden. I think the exhibition being part of Henley and going on tour is bringing Young Carers to people attention and realising we are just normal people and people shouldn't feel sorry for us because we have had great opportunities through this.
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