What does it cost?
All Siemens resources and digital badges are available to educators and learners at no cost.

How are badges assessed?
Assessment criteria for the badge is set out within the badge missions in the 'how to complete the task' instructions. Evidence is reviewed by academy managers and users will be awarded the badge by completing each of the required elements listed and uploading this as evidence for each badge task. The academy manager would then review this evidence and if it meets the assessment criteria, award the badge.
What do pupils get?

Once the badge has been awarded it would appear on a learners unique skills profile page. Young people can share their page with friends, family and potential employers or education institutions to demonstrate the skills they have gained. As well as sharing a link to their skills profile, young people could choose to share individual badges through their personal social media channels. Through earning and sharing achievements young people can build their confidence and ability to articulate their skills, helping to unlock the opportunities that matter to them.

Is it safe?
The Makewaves platform is a fully moderated platform, many schools decide to use for younger students. The OBA is an open learning platform, only accessible for young people aged 13+. We recommend all individuals follow good practice guidance about how to stay safe online and teachers working with young people on the platform follow their own internal guidance and social media policy.
How does it fit into the broader digital badges system?

OBA and Makewaves use digital credentials built on Open badge technology, which means anyone earning badges through either platforms can push them to their Mozilla backpack and share alongside badges they have earned through other platforms or organisations. Through bringing together a number of partners the OBA and MakeWaves offer on-going learning opportunities to young people and a lifelong learning solution.

Who is it suitable for?
Open badges are suitable for anyone at any age! The Siemens badge programme is aimed to provide a clear STEM pathway from age 7 and beyond 16+ into the workplace. Young people can engage with the badge level that is most suited to their needs, and then work through a range of subsequent badges that step them into the knowledge and understanding required to pursue a career in STEM.
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