We Love Class Dojo!

In school we use a network site called dojo take a look at this story to find out more.

Mrs C's Chant
In school we have a social network site called dojo your teacher gives you a dojo and your parents then get to see it, but you can also get red dojo's and then your parents get to see your bad behavior. Dojo makes children better behaved. There is lots of videos on the internet about dojo they are very interesting and lots of fun. There are the 3 main characters called Mojo , Katie and Bruce. On dojo you get to create your own character. Dojo is translated in 35 languages, dojo is used in 2/3 of schools uses dojo in 180 countries.1 in 3 of us children throughout the world age 5 -14 have leaned about growth mindset with class dojo. There is a video above that you can watch.

Mrs Cronshaw created a chant to sing in class to help the children with their learning. The people at Class Dojo in San Francisco love it so much they asked for a copy of the lyrics. Mrs Cronshaw had to copyright the lyrics to prove she created them. That's fab!
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