Free Range Eggs are Happy Eggs!

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Happy Eggs!
Free range eggs have been known to be very good at being eggs. Free range hens are also famous for being able to run around. Hinch enterprises is a local free range egg farm who support this process.

However many people argue that this company ruins the local area and brings flies, muck and pests into the local Village of Greetham. Christopher Hinch, one of the owners of this farm believes what he does is a good thing and is an ideal life for a chicken. His farm owns 168,000 hens with 8 sheds. Each shed gets 80 acres of field for the hens to run around in. They also provide the chickens with objects to explore and play with to ensure they are enjoying their time here at Hinch Enterprises.

Free Range eggs are also believed to be healthier than caged hens and can even contain more nutrients and natural sources which can help you live a healthy life. The yolk of Free Range eggs is much richer and orangier because the hens have access to natural growing food sources.
The cons of free range eggs however is that they are much more expensive to produce but the result is a my her happier hen!
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