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this is my experience of me being a digital leader so far
My new skin!
I totally agree with koolkid1000. Read on to find out more...
This is a story with a hyperlink to a website!
Have a go at the Easter Card badge mission made by St Hilary's School
These are my favourite bands and songs please comment down below what your favourite band/songs are.
carrying on seewizard's tradition.....
Check out these!
I got a dog!
Meet our DLs 2015 Team
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Better Education is a conference organized by the headmaster of Primary School no 6 – Dariusz Andrzejewski and by the Major of Wrzesnia.
Create & Share your Safe-Bot!
Year 5 have been designing art galleries in google sketch up.
The Y7 Digital Leaders of LLS went down to PCJS to see the Digital Leaders down there.
Keeping safe on the internet is a PCJS DL's Top Priority
Design a brand new idea for a gadget! Use your wildest imagination!
What's your favourite digital device... and why?
All about how to stay safe on the internet !!!
Calling all PCJS DL's
What would you do?
Time to get your creative heads on...
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