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Site Posts
Tell us how you look after yourself and others for Mental Health Awareness Week
Tell us how the NHS could work better and start working towards a new NHS badge
How many of these did you already know? These facts will help when earning your NHS Reporter Fact Finder badge
Video Gallery
See what other young people have created
Three members of the East and North Hertfordshire Trust Youth Forum share how they lead on health
We propose that all under 16’s should be given compulsory first aid training as part of the National Curriculum. A proposal made by Beauchamp College’s Joseph Bullivant, Roy Weller, Sophie Norman and Nimai Varia.
We made an animation to share our stories
Calpol99 and I interview a doctor who came to Catmose College to tell us about a career in medicine
We have been learning about the nurse Florence Nightingale and have recorded her life story as a drama.
Have you noticed that you never get much inside info about hospitals? Like how for example children who are there a long time keep up with their education. Anna Crossland took a trip to the Sheffield Children's Hospital to interview Rachel Thompson of
A pupil at Beath High has just been put on the heart transplant list. Our team have caught up with her to find out exactly about her condition, and how she is coping at school.
My day at the Sick Kids in Edinburgh
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