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5th Mar 12 22:44
Naace Impact Awards 2012Mar 1, 2012 // by lewisphillips // Blog, Portfolio // No CommentsI am thrilled to have made it to the final stage of the Naace Impact Awards – A nation
5th Mar 12 16:11
I am feeling very excited to be going to Leicester with some other year 10's to discuss IT, which is one of my favourite subjects. I also feel very honoured to be chosen to attend this trip, it will b...
1st Mar 12 12:44
Being involved in the Naace conference as an individual makes me very happy as it illustrates our Radiowaves site has been recognized as one of the best in the country which is due to the hard work of
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Speaker Interviews
Zayna asks Stephen about the dangers of cyberbullying and online grooming and what to do if you feel you are in danger.
Lewis Phillips from Inverkeithing High School interviews Steve Wheeler, Associate Professor of learning technology, following his keynote at Naace 2012.
Lewis Phillips from Inverkeithing asks Charles Clarke about how he became involved in education, his career highlights, his vision of the future for young people in education and how to keep ahead of the game in the ever changing world of technology.
Bernie tells us about how ICT impacts on every day life and what role Naace plays
Ollie Bray talks about playful, creative learning, find out more...
Interviewing David Brown was really interesting, watch the interview to find out more...
Naace Interviews
we find out more about the Naace exhibitors......
There are lots of people at Naace today and we ask them some questions
I find out more about learning through play.....
Our Intro to Naace Conference
The day of the Conference
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The St Lawrence Academy
Shotlisted support video by Lewis Phillips
A short film about the impact of the Media Network at IHS
Media Team Blog
9th Mar 12 10:56
hi I'm Megan and I'm at the Nacce conference. Its a really different experience seeing how people who have a passion for ICT give their views. It is going to be such a fun day!
9th Mar 12 10:41
So far were enjoying our selfs we've been playing on fun xbox gameswere you have to produce your own game for others to play.All that is required to play this game is an Xbox control.Also we've been ...
9th Mar 12 10:28
I'm here in leicester at the Naace 2012 conference so far I have been interviewing lots of people and I have had lots of feedback. Everything is going really well and there is still loads more to come...
9th Mar 12 10:27
Hi, so far i've had so much fun!! it was a long journey here in leicester but it was definitely worth it. We've been practising interviews so we'r prepared and ready. Its been really exciting and we'v...