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This is about the EU Refferendum. If you're not a very political person, this is perhaps not for you, however, it's worth reading. Although younger people don't have a say, it affects our future and so it's worth being aware. Enjoy!
...And why should the UK care?
...And why should the UK care?
On 16th September, 13 Academic Scholars visited the House of Parliament, learning more about the building and organisation at the heart of our society
After winning the Viewers' Choice award during LCP 2015, we were invited down to London for an action-packed day
A teenager's perspective of the 2015 election, and, what I think will happen when I cast my first vote in 2020
An investigation into females in sport, especially in leadership roles - and whether young people feel that females are being as included as males
Year 7s are runners up in competition
Why go to France? Y7 students made a film to persuade you ...
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