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This is about the EU Refferendum. If you're not a very political person, this is perhaps not for you, however, it's worth reading. Although younger people don't have a say, it affects our future and so it's worth being aware. Enjoy!
Our trip to Sumatra
On Tuesday 15th December Timothy Peake launched into space.
Why I think monkeys are the best!!!
Most of the 28 countries in the European Union have officially banned Genetically Modified Crops
How to article for Magazine Article
...And why should the UK care?
...And why should the UK care?
Who do you want to win?
On 9th September, a number of Catmose's Academic Scholars visited Stamford Arts Centre to watch a screening of the award-winning Greenpeace documentary
NYFW, a fallen angel, exclusive pop-up, new found love and an industry death... the list goes on:
New collaborations, new occupations and new #squad goals, the world of fashion is mixing it up and getting interesting...
21 Year 9 & 10 students visited Benalmadena and Malaga as part of the annual College trip to Spain
After winning the Viewers' Choice award during LCP 2015, we were invited down to London for an action-packed day
Not Eurovision, that's for sure!
A teenager's perspective of the 2015 election, and, what I think will happen when I cast my first vote in 2020
The fashion world may be putting their feet up after the Met Ball, but there are still collections and collaborations of the week to be discovered...
Exploring this week's social media through a fashion filter, this is a must read if you decided to spend your bank holiday under a rock...
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