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An exploration of comment moderation on Makewaves
One teacher on Makewaves is about to embark on a journey towards badges for literacy.
Three schools in Kingston upon Thames are preparing to use Makewaves for a multi-media heritage project about the local market place in June 2013.
Getting in tune with a better music education
Parents: babies love them, toddlers are frustrated with them, younger children are intrigued (as they realise their parents are people too), teenagers are embarrassed, but what do they mean to schools?
Gordon Brown officially opened the new media house at Inverkeithing High School on Monday, as the school celebrated new funding secured by some of its star pupils.
Students go on a classical journey with First Time Live
I have been visiting many youth projects recently and whilst they all work in different ways, serve very different communities and present themselves differently they all have the same thing on their walls - the rules.
Digital Red Nose Day badges are being earned by learners and teachers for the first time, after Makewaves teamed up with Comic Relief to help promote this year's big event on Friday March 15th
A view from across the pond
Accrediting Teachers on The Makewaves Fife Area
As teachers, tech wizards and tea drinkers of the nation get ready to unite at BETT - the UK's largest exhibition on technology for education - one issue seems set to be a common theme of discussion; literacy.
Two high school pupils are pioneering a revolutionary new learning tool by designing and issuing their very own Mozilla Open Badge for online accreditation.