9th Jul 11 15:51
This is such a amazing project I cant wait to do some more work on it!EVEN THE TEACHER HAS JOINED IN !!! Shes called missfitz on here.She needs to spice up her website a bit !
30th Jun 11 17:21
30/06/2011Yesterday i joined RadioWaves and already i have 7 friends!!!I've written 3 blogs made 3 videos and had lots of fun!I can't wait to explore more wonders this website has insto
30th Jun 11 16:57
What Subject : POPWhere : My House Who Would Teach Me : Katy Perry Or The Saturdays !!!!!!!!!!!!!
30th Jun 11 16:49
My dream music lesson would be if i could sing and play instruments with my favourite singer KATY PERRY !!!! --->
29th Jun 11 17:59
This is such a cool website i really want to get in the action. I feel like its a great oppertunaty for me to join in not only for my comunicational skills but for my interest in music !