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Student excitement versus the teachers' grey hairs!
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What's new at Monk's Walk?
Moving to Secondary School
Last year teams of reporters in our feeder primary schools told us what life was like in Year 6.
On the 3rd July a few of the year
Messages from your past pupils!
As part of their TEDx event, Monk's Walk and International School in The Hague performed live via Skype!
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Monk's Walk Blogs
30th Apr 12 10:41
We are very excited at having chosen year 7 reporters from some of our biggest feeder schools who will bolg and create stories avout life at Monk's Walk. We really hope that some of our primary school...
30th Apr 12 12:10
This week I chose louis as the musicain of the week because he improved from last week and he tickes all the boxes.
30th Apr 12 12:52
Hi everyone, my name is Alex and I will be doing music club tonight and if anyone wants to have an interview or a picture, they can because i'll be asking a few people.Another thing is that
30th Apr 12 13:04
at lunch time in the music rooms you can play all of the instroments in the music rooms. this is a video of william birtles from DW playing the piano!
30th Apr 12 18:46
Hi I'm Leyla and this is my second blog. My old primary school is Homerswood school and i am going to do some stories or blogs about them. it will be very nice to go back to my old primary school and ...
1st May 12 20:11
Excited to see my old Music teacher tommorow (Mrs Fedenzi) after school.
2nd May 12 12:35
excited to see mrs ferdenzi my old music teacher !
29th May 12 11:07
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11th Jan 13 21:20
Yay!!! I got my bronze badge today!!! To get to this point I had to complete my getting started badge (adding display picture and change profile) and the event badge (attending an event and writing a
19th Jun 12 21:33
For our prize in the Radiowaves competition, we won the chance alongside Homerwswood School to have our Olympic Song recorded professionally. Just before half-term, the children in Years 5 and 6 went
Arsenal Rock
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6th Nov 13 23:01
In today's lesson I used the blues scale to improvise 2 bars during our performance. I think that I knew the scale wells so I could use different combinations and patterns to make my piano part sound
20th Jun 12 15:04
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20th Jun 12 10:07
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14th Jan 14 21:03
Ever since a fairly young age, I’ve always had a love for music: I would listen to random songs off CDs that I would find in the CD rack at home for long periods of time, and I began to learn my first...