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Students are growing up in an ever more connected world but making meaningful connections beyond their own neighbourhood remains a challenge for many young people.

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e-Twinning Quick Guide

  • Make Personal Connections
  • Let everyone take part in visits Easily increase the reach and impact of any exchange.
  • Make things together Sharing blogs between schools is a great way to learn about other cultures
  • Use social media to beat time zones Upload their videos and make them available for others to view at any time.

As employers become more international and jobs more transferable, young people must be prepared to compete in a global marketplace. Employers are now looking for students with “a global mindset and the ability to think critically”. Schools can meet this challenge and better prepare their students by connecting with other schools around the world.

International collaboration provides more for learners than just employability and work readiness skills. Global migration has dramatically increased, which means a better understanding of other cultures, languages and beliefs is essential for the development of communities that can collaborate in creative and positive ways. More at: UN Global Youth resources

Whether it’s e-twinning, a Comenius project or exchange visits, the Makewaves social learning platform provides an easy way for everyone to get started or to enhance your current international links:

  • Instantly connect with over 75,000 students in 23 countries
  • Dedicated international networks and teacher forums to support collaboration anywhere in the world
  • Quickly set learning goals and track progress across schools with Badges
  • Secure, moderated commenting allows children to communicate with peers from different countries regardless of timezones
  • View, capture and share content anywhere. Upload via WiFi or 3G via the Mobile App with integrated geo-location tagging.

International learning has come a long way since pen pal letters. Social media now makes it easy to build an international network that will ensure your students have the global understanding and 21st Century skills they need to succeed.

“Having a real audience is giving Miramar pupils more purpose in their writing. Makewaves dissolves traditional classroom walls, giving children a global audience for their work. It has really encouraged and enthused many of our children who are reluctant writers. They now want to write and share what’s going on, because they know there is a real audience out there.”

– Cat Dempsey, Miramar Central School, New Zealand

Badges To Support e-Twinning

Students can learn more about their international friends by interviewing them, either by e-mail or online call.

Inspiration: Network News Week

Network News Week was an international project for schools developed by The British Council as part of the Youth In Action programme. The project connected schools and students across 7 countries in europe to share their stories, learn about other cultures and collaborate. The project included online resources and a dedicated safe network where students could share their content and get feedback. The project culminated in an intense week long online festival with students in each country taking over the network for a day each. The students became global reporters, sharing stories about key topics in their country and discussing global issues such as EU and migration. Awards were given to schools and students for the best overall report, most viewed and best team in each country.

Network News Week is just one activity within the My World network on Makewaves. My World connects 2000 young people across europe sharing over 8000 videos and reports about key issues for young people in their world.