Remembrance Day on Makewaves
The story of my great, great uncle Michael Heaviside who won the Victoria Cross.
Let us answer your raised questions in this story and think about why commemoration of fallen soldiers is rather a private affair.
This Sunday is Rememberance Day...
Using technology to remember...
Personal experiences of War
After visiting all the different memorials, cemeteries and Remembrance ceremonies, we hold our own service, designed by us, to remember those who died.
Rob tells us how members of his family fought for the Norfolk Reginment during the First World War.
We were lucky enough to be invited to the Westminster Abbey Remembrance Service to represent young people in the UK for the passing of the generation. The Queen and Gordon Brown also attended and watched as two of our reporters laid the wreath for the que
Today we attended the peace ceremony at Hiroshima to remember the dropping of the Atomic Bomb
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