How Makewaves Works

Makewaves makes it safe and easy to create and share school blogs, podcasts and videos.

With Makewaves unique safe social media tools you can:

  • Publish school podcasts, videos and blogs easily
  • Check pupils work and control who can see it
  • Get moderated feedback from a global community of schools
  • Use Makewaves as a social learning environment - an easy alternative to a VLE

Here are some of the key Makewaves features and how you can use them.

  • Safety and Control
    You can moderate all your pupils work and control who can see it online.
  • Complete Video and audio solution
    Let pupils easily upload video, podcasts, pictures, text and blogs.
  • Give pupils their own web pages
    Each pupil can have their own customisable web page to showcase work and for you to easily track progress.
  • Friendly Support and Training
    Our social media experts can provide Inset days, CPD seminars and online resources to get you started and keep you inspired.
  • National Projects and Networks
    Join unique projects and networks such as Supporter To Reporter.
  • Handheld Learning
    Makewaves iPod, iPad and Android apps let you upload, moderate and view content wherever you are.
  • Cloud computing
    Makewaves lives in the cloud which means it is flexible, scalable and ready to grow with you.
  • Approved for use in school
    Makewaves won two BETT Awards and is used by thousands of schools so you can use the latest technology with confidence.
  • Join a Global Community
    As a Makewaves member you are part of a huge network of schools and young people.
  • Get Feedback
    Moderated comments give you safe feedback from schools, parents and the public.
  • Talk to us!

    Call us on 0113 246 9989 or E-mail us at