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Site Posts
Enrichment Day III
HATV interviews the Headgirl and the Deputy Headgirl
HATV investigates the differences between schools in Germany and schools in England
Should we stay or go?
Candidates give reasons why they would like to be elected....
A look back at the marvellous event of the year
A great evening to cherish for all the 2016 leavers
The first High Arcal Charity Concert is a complete success!
Snapshot of the 2016 Dance Festival
The first ever Bake-Off at High Arcal
A sneak preview to the big event!
HATV interview Mrs Durnall
The new Interhouse system with highights from the Sports Interhouse
High Arcal TV interview Dr Goodyear and Ms Rhoon from the Academy of English
High Arcal TV interview Mr Wallace and Mrs Thompson regarding the Enrichment Days
High Arcal TV interview the Himley House Captains
Mr Dixson introduces the World Skills Show
Alex Sproston interviews Mr Dhami on the new curriculum at The High Arcal School
The High Arcal School Promotional Video
Introducing the Boscobel House Captains
Makewaves Site of the Month
If you would like to be a High Arcal School Makewaves reporter, please see Mr. Riccardo
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