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Some examples of promises to help you with The Junior Antibiotic Guardian Badge
These resources help you with the Junior Antibiotic Badge
How digital health badges can engage schools
Created via the App
A resource to help with the Clash Concluder badge
Learn about liquids that harm your teeth with this experiment
Find out how the health badges from Department of Health and School Nursing work.
Taking part in this activity or running it as a competition in your school can help you earn your Me & My Teeth Badge Mission. These activities have been developed by Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
This page has a selection of resources you may find useful for the different Know Your Health Badge Missions
Video Gallery
Health resources from the Makewaves community
Teaching to class 3
Diffferent way to show how germs are spread
Learn about liquids that harm your teeth with this experiment
A little bit of stress is good for the body, but when it builds up we need to learn how to deal with it, so take a deep breath and chill out with's guide.
Learn to recognise when you're stressing out
A short film showing the benefits of reducing obesity in the U.K's population.
This is just a little taster of what healthy people eat mostly every day.
Watch this video to find out how School Nurses plan to support Young Carers
Nathan Smith's Hard Hitting Video Production
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