Year 5

Mr Coop and Mrs Holden

Take a look at our photographs from our recent visit to Manchester Museum, where we spent time studying the Ancient Egyptians.
Take a look at some of the photographs of us constructing our own Egyptian pyramids, as part of our Design and Technology work.
Ever wanted to know how the Ancient Egyptians built their pyramids. Let Year 5 tell you how! The class have been busy researching and writing about how the pyramids were built.
Year 5 have been doing some descriptive writing listen to some of their stories here.
Meet the new Year 5 monitors for 2016 / 2017, who will be working hard to make sure that our classroom runs smoothly.
Take a look at some of our photographs, from our recent visit to Southwell Workhouse, near Newark in Nottinghamshire.
Take a look at some of our hotel brochures. Would you like to stay in these hotels?
Take a listen to some of our protest songs, inspired by our work on lyrics in our music lessons.
Mason from Year 5 is a keen runner, take a look at his achievements.
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