Year 1 and 2

Mrs Sanchez and Mrs Hunt

Join the infants and juniors as we get down with the latest craze.
First stop Greenmount next stop Hollywood!!
Check out Year 1/2's Out of this World Homework projects
Come and see this weeks exciting events!
A UFO crash lands in the grounds of our school - read all about it here!
We have been using the iPads to create little Ebooks about animals
Year 2 visit Tesco to learn all about eating healthily.
Year 1 went to find about fruit and vegetables and which foods contain sugar
Come and share our amazing costumes as KS1 strike a pose on the Catwalk.
We created dragon fact files to make our own mythical creatures.
Year 2 have been learning all about caring for our planet in PSHE, why not enter our competition?
Mrs Marsden's Class make clay lamps to celebrate Diwali.
We have made Archimboldo faces out of fruit and vegetables.
Year 1 and 2 have a fantastic day at Eureka, take a look at our highlights.
Mrs Marsden's class had lots of fun on Pirate Day.
Mrs Marsden's class have enjoyed carrying out a Science experiment on forces and floating and sinking.
Mrs Marsden's class have made the most amazing Victorian houses as part of this terms topic.
Mrs Marsden's class have been busy working as a team for Red Nose Day.
The infants experience visitors from the past as we start our new topic.
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