Reception / Year 1

Mrs Carr and Mrs Brennan

The year one children in Mrs Carr's class have been working hard on their projects Look at the fabulous photos showing their wonderful work
Join the infants and juniors as we get down with the latest craze.
First stop Greenmount next stop Hollywood!!
Come and see this weeks exciting events!
Come and watch the year ones talk about the alien invasion!!!
A UFO crash lands in the grounds of our school - read all about it here!
Year 1 went to find about fruit and vegetables and which foods contain sugar
Come and share our amazing costumes as KS1 strike a pose on the Catwalk.
Look at our marvellous creations
Look at our wonderful self portraits. Can you guess who is hiding behind each one?
Year R had a fantastic time yesterday at the CommuniTree Intiative The Island Summerseat
Year 1 and 2 have a fantastic day at Eureka, take a look at our highlights.
Can you guess which line of the Pirate Poem the children are acting out?
Year 1 have created Victorian houses/buidings and shared them with reception. They are currently on display
R/Y1 went out and about to explore the village
Look what we got up to on Red Nose Day
The infants experience visitors from the past as we start our new topic.
We have been exploring recycling and have designed and created our very own junk model dinosaurs.
The children in R/Y1 have been trying to imagine how big dinosaurs really were. Off they went with metre sticks and trundle wheels to measure out the length of a Tyrannosaurus rex on the top yard.
Watch as our infant children enjoy becoming Palaeontologists in our wicked workshop.
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