Music and the Arts

You can find creative stories here linked to the world of art.

learn about an app called
Year 6 have taken to the catwalk to model their T-Shirts from World Book Day.
Share the experience of our visit by watching our short movie.
What do you think of the compositions produced during our music lessons?
Come and find out about what the Juniors got up to on their school trip!!!
Fab routines choreographed by Y4
Do you want to learn the countries of Europe?
Take a look at this fantastic story on drawing, look at our cool tutorial video!
Come and hear our awesome tunes and songs. Also learn about our instrements!!!
I went a circus called Amaluna on the 7th of October with my mum an my auntie.
Come and watch me sing!
My first week with a tenor horn.
Get inspired and learn about different types of art.
I Love Listening To These 3 Remixes And I Hope You Like Them Too!
Come and listen to me and my flute.
Take a look at the pictures of Year 6 learning about Samba music. Listen to their wonderful playing.
Come and see our fantastic fabric painting as we d├ębut our Superhero Logo Designs.
Daniel plays the piano and I interview him.
Come and listen to our beutiful singing voices!
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