Monster Read

If you love to dive into a good book check out all our stories linked to having a Monster Read!

today we are interviewing Louisa about Diary of a wimpy kid.
Have you read The Famous Five??
Have you read this book?
Dork diarys is an amazing series of books, so we are going to tell you about them.
All about the Captain Underpants books by Dav Pilkey.
What do you like more Harry Potter vs Fantastic Beasts?
Come and learn about Darren and his cheeky vampire adventures
Come here to learn about goalkeepers
Come here to learn all about this ace film and book series!
Press z + y + up +down to unlock this gps1 story!
Come here to find out about a series of books that are pretty cool!
Witch Wars is my favourite book in the whole wide world.Here is my book review about it.
Come and read the best book ever!!!!!!!!
come and learn about the amazing book Georges marvellous medicine
Scream street is the scairiest place on earth so read about it in this very story.
The Maze Runner Films And Books
Come and get some information from my fave dog book I've got at home!! P.S. it is amazing!
Percy Jackson is the son of the Greek god Poseidon and he has awsesome powers
Leap into the world of books with the infants and juniors.
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