Competitions and Quizzes

On sunday the 21st of may, I went to a gymnastics competition as part of Beth Tweddle Gymnastics Acadamy!
This is a story on the Book Fair competition, run by Chloe, Olivia and Heather.
Come and find out about my competition.
Come and make a new instrument :()
Easter is a fun time and eggs are a big part of it .
Emojis are so amazing check our our competition today
Come and enter our competition
Its almost time for him.
look at our epic guitar competition
What type of collar would you like to have for your dog?
Design your own fighting robot.
Are you a true lego star.
Design your own Book Cover - Enter our Awesome Competition!!!
Linked to our topic can you design a Superhero Egg in time for Easter?
Year 2 have been learning all about caring for our planet in PSHE, why not enter our competition?
Have fun and get involved with our Competitions and Quizzes...
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