Class Topic Channel

Tune into some thematic based stories from across the school

Y4 takes on the story of Rama and Sita
Step back in time to 4th November 1854 as Mrs C's historians write as Florence Nightingale.
Episode 1: The Phantom Clouds
The Crimson Galley Crew share their favourite pastime as they dance to entertain themselves
Mrs C's class start their new topic and get straight into character!
A variety of fantastic, creative projects made by y4...
Lots of infomation about dinosaurs
What really happened???
Fab routines choreographed by Y4
Come and learn about Austria.
Come and read our Non Fiction e-Books - which dinosaur would you choose as a pet?
Check out the YAKITS!
Take a look at our photographs from our recent visit to Manchester Museum, where we spent time studying the Ancient Egyptians.
Come and see this weeks exciting events!
Do you know about our famous tower?
Come and watch the year ones talk about the alien invasion!!!
Come and enter our competition
Take a look at some of the photographs of us constructing our own Egyptian pyramids, as part of our Design and Technology work.
Ever wanted to know how the Ancient Egyptians built their pyramids. Let Year 5 tell you how! The class have been busy researching and writing about how the pyramids were built.
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